Corporate Sponsorship of the Team

Want to become a sponsor of ACU Rugby Club?


Read below all about our opportunities and different levels, or contact us if you have different business ideas. Either way, we want YOU!


Remember, other ways to create a partnership are welcomed as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss your personalized options!

Water Girl/Boy

  • Multiple social media ‘Shout Outs’

  • Featured on the ACU Rugby web site

  • Invited to hand out promotional materials at events

  • Framed “Sponsor of ACU Women’s/Men's Rugby” team picture

Touch Judge

  • Small logo on the back of ACU T-Shirts

  • Featured on the banner of the ACU Rugby web site

  • Description of your company and link to website on our sponsor page

  • All benefits of a “Water Girl/Boy”

Field Captain

  • Logo on the sleeve of the ACU Rugby Game Jersey

  • Banner or sign displayed at home games

  • Complimentary T-shirt

  • Complimentary jersey

  • All benefits of a “Touch Judge”

All-Star Player

  • Exclusive logo on the front of the ACU Rugby Game Jersey

  • Large logo on the back of ACU T-shirts

  • All benefits of a “Field Captain”

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So where does all our money go?​


  • Dues - as USA Rugby and Lone Star Conference rugby clubs, there are many dues we have to pay in order to compete

  • Gear and supplies - to ensure our medical kit is stocked, water bottles are full, and rugby balls are in hand

  • Trainers - providing them at games to ensure a safe game

  • Referees – certified referees that are required at each game

  • Field Space - renting field space for games and practice

  • Travel Costs – van rental, and housing to compete all across Texas

Give A One-Time Donation to the Team's General Fund

Please contact us with the form below to make a donation.

Sponsor a Rugby Player

Do you know a rugger in need of sponsorship?  Each player must register as a rugby player through USA Rugby. Our players must pay $126.50 to be a certified rugby player. Your money will also go to purchasing specialized safety and training equipment and travel costs for your player.

To sponsor a rugby players is only $200. This will pay for the USA Rugby payment as well as equipment for your player such as mouthguard and travel fees.

For sponsoring a player, your player will send:

- A personalized Thank You Letter

- A signed player photo 8 x 10

- A signed custom rugby trading card (TOPPS)

- Advertisement on ACU Rugby Webpage and social media

Please contact us with the form below for information on becoming a player sponsor! The players and staff thank you for your support!

Other Ways to Contribute

A donation of time is always appreciated! Whether you know nothing about rugby or everything, we can use YOU! From assistance filming, advertising, sponsorship, game site setup or teardown, anything you can give would be appreciated! Please use the contact form below if interested.